Dacon China is a manufacturer of wheat/barley grass powder,royal jelly,silica gel desiccant

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Calcium Glycinate,CAS#: 35947-07-0
We are supplying with the food grade and pharmaceutical grade Calcium Glycinate
L-tryptophan,CAS. 73-22-3
Tryptophan, β -indole alanine, as white or yellowish crystalline or crystalline powder;Odorless, slightly bitter taste.Slightly soluble in water, very ...
L-leucine,CAS#: 61-90-5
L-leucine can promote insulin secretion and reduce blood glucose.Promotes sleep, reduces sensitivity to pain, relieves migraines, relieves anxiety and...
L-Asparagine ,CAS: 5794-13-8
use 1.Food industry: nutritional supplements, anti-alcohol poison, in addition with sugar co-thermal reaction to produce compound flavor, used in a v...
Iron Glycine Chelate
We are supplying with many kinds of Amino Acid Chelate, welcome to the contact us to talk about the details
L-arginine L-aspartatem,CAS: 23284-30-2
use In medicine, it has the effect of preventing and restoring fatigue. In the food industry, it is a good nutritional supplement and food additive....
L-threonine CAS: 72-19-5
. Mainly used as a nutritional supplement.Coheating with glucose easy to produce burnt incense and chocolate fragrance, aromatic effect.It can also be...
Nutritional supplements, beverage additives.It can be used as pharmaceutical raw material, and can be used as intermediate of amino acid and sweetener...
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Company Name: Qingdao Dacon Trading Co., Ltd

Registered Address:No. 519, Workshop On 5/F, 1 Hancheng Rd., Free Trade Zone, Qingdao, Shandong, China (Mainland)

Legal Representative/CEO: Ms. Shuming Kang

Registration No.: 91370220747213098M

Mr. Weishun Yang
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